African American Heritage Projects

Archiving Project

Heritage Montgomery received a county Historic Preservation Grant to catalog, digitize, stabilize, and protect historic documents and photographs in the collections of local African American church communities. Working with Maryland State Archives (MSA), HM developed protocols that are being used locally and can be applied to similar projects across the State and nation. Pleasant View and Warren historic sites served as initial test cases.

In June 2016, HM conducted an intake session of materials from Pleasant View. Under the supervision of HM and MSA staff, HM’s Montgomery College intern cataloged and digitized the collection. When the work was complete, the original records along with a digitized copy were returned to Pleasant View and MSA retained a digitized copy for their collection.

History Day Prizes

Heritage Montgomery sponsors special prizes for research and interpretation of African American heritage as part of Montgomery County Public School’s annual History Day competition.

Boundary Amendment

In 2018, HM submitted to the State and had approved a boundary amendment that specifically includes a number of county African American heritage sites. Already valuable Heritage Montgomery partners, now that they are identified as physically located in the Montgomery County heritage area, they are eligible to apply for Maryland Heritage Areas Authority (MHAA) capital and project grants.

Loving Charity Hall

HM has worked closely with the Warren Historic Site Committee to identify funding and shepherd the restoration of the 1914 Loving Charity Hall to completion. Loving Charity is one of the three anchor buildings (church, school, and benefit society lodge) of the original Warren community.