Samples from Hard Times Come Again No More – American Music of the Civil War Era

Track 5: “Susannah Gals” – Traditional
Bruce Mosky, voice & fiddle – Jacqueline Schwab, piano

Track 6: “Hard Times Come Again No More” – Stephen Collins Foster
Bruce Molsky, fiddle – Beverly Smith, guitar – Charlie Pilzer, bass

Track 9: “Tenting on the Old Camp Ground” – Walter Kittredge
Douglas Jimerson, tenor – Jacqueline Schwab, piano – Washington Revels Gallery Voices

Track 11: “The Enlisted Soldiers” – Traditional
Harold Blackford, bass – Gregory McGruder, tenor – Men of the Washington Revels Heritage Ensembles

Track 19: “August” – Pete Cooper
Pete Cooper, fiddle – Frank Kilkelly, guitar

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