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The newest addition to our list is Canal Quarters. See detailed information under the C&O Canal listing.

Waterfront Views

Canal Quarters - Lockhouse 22

Lockhouse #22 on the C&O Canal

Historic Lockhouses on the Canal are now hosting hikers, bikers and visitors: The Chesapeake and Ohio Canal winds its way forested land just north of Washington D.C. with historic canal quarters dotted along the way. These no-longer-used lockhouses have been restored and furnished in a way that is conssistent with the way lock tenders and their families would have lived in them at the time. Materials used in these structures include rope beds and futons in lockhouse 22 and Formica tables and Naughyde chairs in Lockhouse 6. To turn a visit into an interpretive experience, photographs, maps and books have been added to tell the story of the canal. Visitors can register online and get an access code. Costs range from $70 to $100 per night. Revenue is used to fund the program. Visit Canal Quarters website for more info.