Community Cornerstones

Interview Archives

In the course of producing the “Community Cornerstones” video, extensive interviews were conducted with members of the five participating church communities. Time constraints inherent in a 60-minute documentary meant that only part of these fascinating oral histories could be included.

We are happy to be able to offer these conversations in their entirety.

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Sharp Street United Methodist Church featuring:
  • Gwendolyn Stewart Bell
  • Earl Claggett
  • Margaret Hill
  • Thomas “Babe” Snowden 
St. Paul Community Church featuring:
  • Suzanne Molock Johnson
  • Gwendora Hebron Reese
Pleasant View Historical Site featuring:
  • Ida Pearl Hallman Green
  • Thompkins Hallman
  • Melvin Joppy, Jr.
  • Esther Mae Hallman Lyles
  • William Ridgley
Emory Grove United Methodist Church featuring:
  • Janet Waters Dorsey
  • Thelma Taylor Scott
Jerusalem-Mt. Pleasant United Methodist Church featuring:
  • Nina Honemond Clarke
  • Irene Snowden Curry
  • Annie Proctor Rhodes